DJ Max Techman began his musical career in 2001 in Yekaterinburg at the Luke Club. A very underground place where musicians, freaks, DJs and clubbers. The only perhaps underground place at that time in Yekaterinburg. There are still memories of those stormy parties that were held in this place. Since that time, a passion for vinyl, electronic music in general, DJ equipment and everything related to it began. Electronic music still lives in our hearts, makes us live, create and create.

Having dedicated more than 10 years to trance music, it was decided to give preference to techno music. Music with the strongest energy, powerful sound and variety of substyles. It is techno music that allows us to plunge into the industrial atmosphere of megapolice, to feel and hear something that we have not heard or felt before. From 2010 to 2015, DJ Max Techman was the owner of Global Sound Records, which released more than 100 releases, 2 albums and 4 compilations. You can also hear the releases of his podcasts TechmanиЯ on various Internet radio stations, which included the work of many label musicians.

In 2018 year 3 releases were released on the ReState label - 3 tracks in such styles as: minimal and melodic techno, written by DJ Max Techman.

In 2020 year DJ Max Techman came up with the concept and implemented the project DJ cafe "Tchaikoffka". But it so happened that before the "Tchaikoffka" opened, it did not wait for its visitors. It is still not clear whether the coronavirus is to blame or simply the lack of interest in this institution among people.

But we are not giving up and this project will live despite all kinds of difficulties.



          New mixes


New mixes