Tchaikoffka - The First Off - Line DJ Cafe of Yekaterinburg







The concept of the institution


Perhaps you ask what has Tchaikovsky and techno got to do with it? And here's the thing: we all love music, whether it be classical, Russian pop or high-quality progressive electronic music. It so happened historically that back in the 19th century this man got such an interesting and unusual surname Tchaikovsky. This is where the name of our establishment comes from - Tea and Coffee - Tchaikovsky - TchaiKoffka. But that doesn't answer the question where does techno have to do with it? Here the word Deeetroit comes to us. It was in this city that such a style as techno was born. In a city with an industrial atmosphere of a metropolis, with dilapidated and abandoned factories that once produced cars and, perhaps, still produce them.


Techno can be different: aggressive, angry, unpleasant, harsh - we are not interested in such music. We are for a pleasant, atmospheric, Detroit techno with a deep bass sound, a straight kick, an interesting set of samples and loops, which are specially created and twisted by musicians in their studios, so that this music would live in our hearts, minds and bring joy to us and our ears.

















Меню Ди-Джей кафе "Чайкоффка"


Меню Ди-Джей кафе "Чайкоффка"




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Hookah card


In our establishment you can order a hookah for every taste from 800 rubles. A large selection of tobacco of the most famous brands. You can also order a hookah with home delivery. Our hookah man will bring it within an hour. We also offer author's teas and the most delicious halva to choose from for the hookah. You can pay for our services in cash or by online transfer by phone number.























We are also selling a franchise of DJ cafe "Chaikoffka". A unique concept of its kind. I will tell you where to get all the necessary things and equipment. All contacts of performers from the order of the sign and to the coffee machine. I am also looking for a partner in a business with a registered IP.


The cost of the franchise - 5170 $